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Posted on: March 4, 2017, by : Melanie Richards

So you just finished your matric year and you want to take a gap year since you still undecided on which career route to take? Maybe touring around South Africa can give you an idea on which profession can best suit your personality.
Below are a few tourists destinations that we have been blessed to marvel at in South Africa.
•    Table Mountain, Cape Town: Table Mountain is a well-known tourist attraction in the Mother City. It has a beautiful view and some visitors or residents opt for hiking and camping in this beautiful mountain.
•    Cradle of Humankind, Sterkfontein: The home of fossil fuels. At Cradle of Humankind, you get to see the first ever discovered fossil fuel called Mrs. Ples. If history is your cup of tea, visiting this historic home will give you better insight on fossil fuels caves that are in Sterkfontein.
•    Soweto, Johannesburg: It would probably sooth your soil if you walked on the same soil that Chris Hani, James Sofasonke Mpanza and Hector Pieterson once walked on. These are a few of the many pioneers that have resided in this South Western Township. Soweto carries a lot of history in terms of the apartheid era. It is now a place to visit and marvel at some of the places that shaped today’s history, education and freedom.
•    Gold Reef City, Johannesburg: The one place that makes you feel like a kid again. The best part is that everybody is a kid at Gold Reef City so it is okay to be happy like a 7 year old. Located in the busy city of gold, Gold Reef City is definitely a place to visit. It is an amusement park with every game you can think of. Filled with lots of happy faces, music performances and restaurants, you are assured the time of your life when you visit Gold Reef City.
•    Sun City, North West: Sun City is another marvel to visit. Filled with tons of things to do such as hiking, water sports and golf, boredom is a thing of the past in Sun City. It is a family tourist attraction that allows every member of the family to have a great time. Valley of the Waves is a beach like pool that has real waves.  So if the beach is at far reach, Sun City has got you covered.
•    God’s Window, Mpumalanga: Mpumalanga often called the Paradise Country; God’s Window shows an extraordinary view of cascades and rock constructions. At a low entrance fee, you get to marvel at the nature that God has created. What a beautiful sight to look at!
•    Nelson Mandela Museum, Eastern Cape: Built right at the center of the Father of the Nation’s birth place, this museum has a lot to offer. Visiting the Nelson Mandela Museum gives tourists a better idea of the type of man Madiba was. Here, you get to be taught of the path the Father of Nation had to cross, jump and swim in, in order to become the phenomenal man we had the pleasure of knowing.

South Africa has a lot of tourist attractions to visit; a book is not enough to include them all. In each and every place, there is a sense of history that dwells in the extraordinaire of that specific place.

A variety of cultures and unity of races, South Africa is beaming with beautiful places to visit, traditions to learn and lovely sights to fall in love with. Each and every province has a unique destination to see, with that said, are you up for the challenge?

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