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Posted on: February 4, 2017, by : Melanie Richards

As a traveller, backpacker or tourist, arriving in South Africa for the first time can be quite daunting. To start with, he country has such a diverse history and eclectic assortment of cultures and then there are just so many exciting places to travel to and experience. The country is vast and expansive so be sure to set aside a decent amount of travel time if you really want to explore all it has to offer.

We often receive emails from our subscribers and readers either recommending certain places and establishments or warning others against the. It’s fantastic to get the feedback from you a, it’s always appreciated. We have had several of our subscribers write in to let us know about Skywings Paragliding in Cape Town. I have chosen to mention Arno from the Netherlands account of his experiences. Arno had been travelling South Africa for a little over a month, starting off in Kwazulu Natal making his way down the coast through the Transkei, stopping off at several places on the Garden Route on his way to Cape Town. Arno mentioned all kinds of places he enjoyed including bungy jumping at the Blaauwkrantz bridge and horse riding at Hogs Hollow outside Plettenberg Bay. But for Arno, the most exciting thing he has done so far was paragliding Cape Town. He got the idea whilst enjoying the sun and sea on Camps Bay beach and noticing several paragliders circling high up above in the sky. The thought of theĀ  freedom of floating high up in the blue sky against the backdrop of Signal Hill and Lion’s Head was enough for him to find out more about how to go about paragliding in Cape Town. Arno was staying at one of the larger backpackers in the city centre and on asking the staff at the travel center he was handed a brochure for Skywings Paragliding.

Skywings Paragliding is owned by Kay Duran who has over twenty years of experience in aerial based sports and activities. For the extremely reasonable price of just R1150 (One thousand one hundred and fifty South African rand – approximately ninety US Dollars), they offer a tandem paragliding experience that you will not forget in a hurry. Kay has several experienced tandem pilots that he employs to assist with his business. Although the conditions in Cape Town can be difficult sometimes due to the unpredictable winds and weather, Skywings will go out of their way to accommodate you with the best possible options and value for your money. Having read through the brochure and read up all the information on the website, Arno went ahead and made his booking.


“I couldn’t wait to try paragliding over Cape Town. I had watched several YouTube videos and been up to the top of Signal Hill the day before to watch other people launching. I barely slept at all the night before. I woke up early in the morning, praying that the weather conditions would be favourable. I was in luck, the conditions were perfect ! I headed up to the launching site at the designated time to meet up with the guys from Skywings. I have to admit, I was quite nervous. It’s quite different once you are up there in all the gear getting ready to leap off of a mountain top! My tandem pilot set my mind at ease quickly though as his experience and professionalism was conveyed quickly to me in our pre-flight conversation. What can I say ? There is nothing quite like paragliding over Cape Town. I have tried several exciting challenges including bungy jumping and white water rafting whilst in South Africa, but paragliding over Cape Town was absolutely exhilarating. I cannot explain the feeling of floating so high up in sky over the city and the views of the beaches and city below. The experience with Skywings tops the things I have done since being in South Africa by far and would like to recommend the experience to anybody else who is considering it. If you want a professional and safe paragliding experience in Cape Town, go with Skywings.” – Arno Vermaak

As I mentioned earlier, this is not the only recommendation we have had from our readers about Skywings, but it’s the most recent and we felt it’s time we mentioned this Cape Town outfit due to the sheer enthusiasm with which our readers have been mailing us about them.


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